Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Back to the Best

I always wonder why people started making their own soap? Is it just a hobby? Is it because of a skin condition? because is more economical? Well here is my store about why I got in to being a bit more natural orientated.

One weekend years ago while my sister and I were staying with my Aunt Nancy and Uncle John, my Aunt had decided to take us to this farm where she purchased most of her groceries. I had never been to a farm to get groceries. I was slightly confused. Why didn't she just go to the grocery store like my mum?

As we walked around the store my Aunt explained to me the difference between most of the foods you find in your local grocery store and the ones found at this farm. She explained about all the perspectives and chemical processes the foods go through before they reach the shelves. I was slightly disgusted. Why did they do all of that to the food I will be eating?

We continued to walk around and she was nice enough to buy me some natural make up. Before this day I couldn't wear any make up since everything makes me break out. This make up however was amazing. It actually cleared my face up!

Since that day I decided to try and use as many organic and natually made products. I do my best to buy organic foods when money permits. I try to make everything myself. I always look at items and think, "I bet I could make that myself."

What's your story?

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