Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Welcome to the world of Royalty.

Welcome to Royal Suds! I created this blog with the intent to share my experience in the cold process soap making world. 

I started making melt and pour soaps about 8 months ago and soon became addicted to making soap. One day when I was googleing prices for soap bases I came across a website called Soap Making Forum.  This website changed my views on soap completely. I had no idea I could actually make soap from scratch. I started reading everything this site had to offer. I looked everywhere for books to read on the subject. 

With in about 3 months I ready to try my hand at it. I made a very basic vegetable shortening soap. I was amazed at what I had made. I couldn't wait for it to cure. Since then I have made many batches of soap and have fallen in love with every last one.

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